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Event DateApptEvent Name
11/6/2014   Monthly Member Breakfast with Giant's Store Nutritionist
11/7/2014   Friday Morning Leads Group
11/7/2014   "Change as an Impetus for Growth and Improved Competitiveness" with the Young Professionals Committee
11/12/2014   "The Dos and Don’ts of Face-to-Face Networking" with the Nonprofit Committee
11/12/2014   2014 Business Hall of Fame
11/12/2014   Wednesday Lunch Leads Group
11/13/2014   Membership 101
11/14/2014   Toastmasters
11/21/2014   Friday Morning Leads Group
11/28/2014   Peer Advisory Group Meeting
12/2/2014   Holiday Party
12/4/2014   Monthly Member Breakfast
12/5/2014   Friday Morning Leads Group
12/10/2014   Wednesday Lunch Leads Group
12/11/2014   Membership 101
12/12/2014   Toastmasters